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What does a Fix a Flat franchise offer you?



·        A fully converted, refurbished container shop, thoughtfully fitted with all the correct tools and equipment for running a professional tyre services shop.

·        Your initial opening stocks of both repair materials and new tyres, whitewall tyres and inner tubes.  

·        Comprehensive hands-on training for you and your staff in every aspect of inspecting, cleaning and repairing tyres – and, just as important, when a tyre is beyond repair and must be rejected.

·        Training for the fitment of brake pads, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and tyre rotation.

·        Battery charging for your clients and community

·        Overalls, T-shirts and caps for your staff in Fix a Flat colours and logo

·        Repair manual to back up your hands-on training

·        Owners manual for administering the business, including business ethics and legal requirements

·        Representative support


The Fix a Flat franchise advantage…


As a Fix a Flat franchise owner, you will have access to purchase the Chemvulc range of repair products direct from the factories, as well as their massive power of bulk purchases from many countries of the world.  You will be able to buy products at low prices and sell at good profit margins.  Ongoing visits and technical support from the Chemvulc reps ensure constant supply and answers to any questions.